Benefits of Haridrakhand



Vrihad Haridrakhand works as a magical potion as its antioxidant and herbal properties keep the skin replenished, hydrated and plum. This makes your skin look young and fresh while delaying the aging of the skin. It permeates deep into skin pores and releases the fresh radicals in the skin so you can get a skin that looks tight and free from blemishes, scars, fine lines and even wrinkles . 


Vrihad Haridrakhand is the balanced amalgamation of medicinal herbs like turmeric, amla , giloy,nisoth, lau bhasma etc which target the root cause of all skin problems . It keeps the digestive and nervous system healthy which is punitive to getting a healthier and flawless skin of your lifetime.  It betters the skin quality , increases elasticity and enhances skin tone and complexion  while treating odor and problems like swollen or patchy skin. It just makes your skin  flawless and smooth, not only from the outside but inside by penetrating and targeting the skin cells.


Vrihad Haridrakhand is ‘the ‘ remedy for itchy skin  and reduces the appearance of white or red itchy welts. Cinnamon, Pippalli, Baheda, Vidanga are some of its ingredients which arrest the growth of bacteria and fungal infections which are the primary causes for itchy skin. These herbs also have antipuritic, antihistamine, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties , making this solution perfect for treating itching, rashes, urticaria and boils. It not only gives relief from irritants but also heals and treats the skin .


Haridrakhand contains turmeric which is the best for treating inflammatory skin conditions. It has been used as a natural remedy since ages to treat reddened, swollen and painful skin conditions. This herbal medication has anti-irritant properties which target the inflammatory area thereby reducing the signs of inflammation  such as swelling, pain, tenderness, redness and burning sensation. It is also effective in treating  burnt skin and blisters .



A healthy immune system is the key to fight against all diseases and is quintessential for overall well being of an individual. Vrihad Haridrakhand acts on the immune system to enhance the immune response, hence increasing a person’s immunity manifold. The various medicinal herbs helps in mainlining the blood pressure, and keeps the liver and bowel  movement healthy.


Vrihad Haridrakhand is a fine expectorant and leads to the secretion of sputum in a person’s air passages. It has many medicinal properties that help fight cold and cough by reducing the formation of phelgm inside the body. It gives relief from chest congestion, runny nose and watery eyes . Its anti- allergic properties helps prevent sneezing and also significantly reduces nasal congestion.


Vrihad Haridrakhand contains Loha Bhasma and turmeric , whose intake purifies blood and maintains its perfect liquidity. It helps combat anemia or low hemoglobin levels by boosting the production of red blood cells in the body. It purifies blood by weeding out all its impurities which gives you clearer, fairer and acne-free skin . 


Adults can take 5-10g of the medicine , once or twice a day preferably with Milk or honey or even warm water. For children below 5 years of age, 1-2g is sufficient, to be taken with a teaspoonful of  milk or honey, once or twice in a day.  Children in the age group of 5-12 years can take 5g of the medicine along with warm water or milk. You can always consult a doctor regarding the suitable use. 

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